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"We dont Cut Corners, We Clean Them" 

We bring restaurants up to international health standards with our 'deep steam clean' and we build our exhaust systems with the required grade of stainless steel and fully seal each joint. 

                                                Why Choose Nikomos?

Quality products and Unbelievable prices | Your one stop shop | Quality Service | Over 10 years Experience


Always Reliable!

Nikomo`s main goal has always been based on the belief that our customer`s needs are of the utmost importance. Our customers can always rely on us to meet their needs on time at a very high level.

Attention to Detail!

Our team focuses on every single detail of our work. No corners go untouched, no areas missed. This high level of work ethic ensures a high quality of results for our customers always.

Eco Friendly!

Nikomo`s Construction Concepts Limited respects the environment. Therefore, we stress on providing products & services that meets environmental standards for you, your family & the environment.

Global Standards!

It has occurred to us that in order for us to build a global brand, we needed to adopt a global standard of ethical practices. Practices that the global leaders strive to follow always.

Our Products
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Hi Nikomo, just visiting your website and looking at the great work that you have done. Keep up the good work.

Great Website! | Megan .F

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